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25-30% of sales to your cause

At Vertex Arena we care about our community and we care about your causes. We want to help you make your goals.

(Terms and special conditions apply)


  • The organization must be a non-profit organization with a non-profit tax ID number.

  • Preference is given to charities that support children and teens.

  • Date(s) of fundraising event is set with agreement from Vertex Arena

  • Fundraising event agreement must be signed before the event takes place.

  • Percentage returned to the organization is 25-30% of pretax sales for passes purchased in-house at cash register. It does not include restaurant purchases, group discount tickets, parties, facility rentals, arcade games, or the VR Omni Arena.

  • Pre-purchased tickets and online tickets cannot be included in the fundraiser.

  • Available year-round except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or during winter, mid-winter, or spring school breaks.

  • The organization is responsible for advertising the fundraiser.

  • The organization may not solicit Vertex Arena customers to participant in the fundraiser in parking areas, at the front door, in the lobby or any other area of the facility.

  • Fundraising proceeds will be returned to the organization within 14 days after the event by mail or in-house pick up.

Fundraising Request Form

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