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Step 1: Choose your package

party pic 2.jpg

Basic Birthday Package

Two hours of party space

One hour of jumping

Summit Table Capacity: 30 participants

Main Table Capacity: 24 Participants

Enjoy access to our exclusive event menu, a semi private party space, free grip socks for all participants and a personal party host to help make the magic happen. 

summit room.jpg

Summit Room Buyout

Summit Table Capacity: 60 participants

Standing Capacity: 95

Need room for a larger group? Rent out the whole Summit Room for two hours, enjoy access to our exclusive event menu a fully private party space and a personal party host to help with any and all party needs!

Only available for booking in person, over email at, or over the phone at 425-728-7298

Step 2: select your date and party area 

Main Tables

Our Main Tables are located downstairs and are completely reserved for your group, each party has access to two 12 person tables with quick and convent access to the trampolines and restaurant!

Alcohol is not permitted in this area.


Main One offers additional counter space and a an additional wall to add a little extra privacy 


Main Two is extra specious and has an additional TV and plenty of space for almost all party decorations!


Main Three has decorative blackboards that can be customized for your party needs!

summit Tables

Our Summit Room is located upstairs and is fully enclosed. Each party has two 16 person tables and has plenty of room for large gatherings and celebrations! It also has a balcony looking down into our restaurant and kitchen! 

Alcohol is permitted in this area

Summit One has additional fold up tables that can be used for food, presents, decorations and more! 

Summit 1.jpg

Summit Two Offers its own TV along with plenty of wall space, and additional fold up tables! 

summit 2.jpg

Tables are time slot specific and subject to availability. If you plan to book a specific table, confirm at time of booking

Step 3: Choose your food 

Birthday Party Packages come with two 16 inch pizzas of your choice between Cheese, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian. 

Pizzas are cut into 8 slices and feed around 4-5 people

Additional food available here

All food must be confirmed at least 7 days before the start of your party

Step 4: Comfirm your party and pay 

All parties require a payment in full at the time of the booking to secure your spot

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