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Your Feedback Matters

Thanks so much for coming to Vertex Arena's Soft Opening. Contrary to their name, soft openings can be a little rough, but I hope you were pleased with our performance. Please fill out the following survey and let us know if you have any feedback, so the next time you can come in, four more "wows" will come out of your mouth.

Food + Beverage

How did everything taste?Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeHow did everything taste?

Staff Friendliness

How friendly was everyone?Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeHow friendly was everyone?

Staff knowledge

How knowledgable was staff?Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeHow knowledgable was staff?


How were your activities?Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeHow were your activities?
How was your experience?
Would you recommend this venue to friends and family?
Are you going to visit us again?

Do you have any other suggestions or comments to help us improve?


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