• Must wear Vertex Arena grip socks when participating on trampolines & ninja course

  • Must be ages 3+ to use trampolines

  • Must be 48” or taller for ninja courses and high performance trampolines

  • Must have a valid Action Pass sticker and signed waiver

  • Please make sure to read all the rules before joining in on the fun!


Feel like a bird. Feel like Superman. Just feel awesome as you jump on wall-to-wall trampolines! Show off your moves in our FreeStyle Field, or fall into a foam pit in our Free Fall Zone. We also have trampoline basketball, dodgeball, and high performance trampolines for the experts. 







Trampoline Rules
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • 1 person per trampoline

  • Land on feet or seat only

  • Don't land on or flip over safety pads

  • Don't sit, run, or rest on trampoline courts, jump boxes, or padding

  • Don't land on knees, one foot, head, or neck

  • Don't climb netting or vertical trampolines

  • No multiple flips

  • Don't collide with other jumpers

  • No double bouncing

High Performance Trampoline Rules
  • Only 1 person at a time per wall and trampoline

  • Look up before jumping

  • No lingering or socializing on top of walls

  • No climbing up the wall. If you can't wall-run up, improve your skills first

  • Don't jump or flip from top of walls

General Court Rules
  • Must have a valid sticker and signed waiver

  • Must be age 3+

  • Must watch safety video before participating

  • Must wear Vertex Arena grip socks on courts

  • No shoes or bare feet

  • Remove all items in your pockets and lock up your stuff

  • Obey staff and follow rules

  • Kids under 7 must be directly supervised by an adult

  • Kids under 12 can't be left alone in facility

  • Always jump & play within your ability

  • No food or drink anywhere on courts or decks

  • No running on courts or decks

  • No cursing, hateful language, or fighting

  • Cannot be intoxicated while on trampolines

  • Nothing in hands or on head when on courts or equipment

  • Don't participate if pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition, including casts