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Battlefield Dodgeball


"Remember the 5 D's of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge."

Battlefield Dodgeball is played on our Battlefield, and is played only during certain times. Please go to our calendar to check out the latest updates to the Battlefield schedule to find out when you can play!

Normal Dodgeball Schedule

Battlefield Dodgeball is by reservation only during Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

  • For non-private dodgeball play, must be ages 5+.

  • Must wear clean sneakers.

  • No spiked shoes, bare feet, or heels.

  • Must have a valid Battle Pass wristband and signed waiver.

  • Please make sure to read all the rules before joining in on the fun!

Battlefield Rules

  • Must have a valid wristband and valid waiver

  • Must wear clean sneakers. No spiked shoes, bare feet, or heels

  • Must wear all required safety gear

  • Kids under the age of 7 must be directly supervised by an adult

  • Kids under 12 can't be left alone in the facility

  • Extra players outside of game will rotate in when a teammate is out

  • No food or drink on field

  • No physical contact

  • Don't use equipment outside the field, or safe zones

  • No climbing or jumping onto obstacles or netting

  • Don't drop, throw, or damage equipment

Dodgeball Rules
  • Maximum of 8 players per team​

  • Maximum 6 balls per game

  • Must be in the back of the court to start game

  • Referee will signal to start game

  • 1st throw must be from back of court

  • Ball is dead if it touches anything

  • Exit court ASAP when you're hit

  • Don't interfere with game once you're out

  • Don't call other players out

  • No crouching or lying down

  • Don't cross center line

  • No head shots and heads hots don't count

  • Don't stall by holding the ball

  • Don't kick, pinch, squeeze, or damage balls

  • A team wins when they get all opponents out or have most players in when time is up

  • You are out if you:

    • are hit by a live ball​

    • try to block a ball with a ball & drop it

    • argue with the referee

    • throw a ball and its caught by an opponent

    • throw repeated head shots

    • block ball with head on purpose 

  • Must wear clean sneakers or socks

  • No spiked shoes, bare feet, or heels

  • Must have a signed waiver

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